This just made my day

This just made my day

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I was in the woods one day and asked “Why did men ever build churches when they had this all along?”

I was in the woods one day and asked “Why did men ever build churches when they had this all along?”

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Common Myths About Bisexuality from the lovely Webcomic Jesus Loves Lesbians, Too by bi blogger & author Maria Burnham (writer/memoirist) and Maggie Siegel-Berele (comic artist). 

I usually don’t reblog stuff like this because this is my art blog but this hit close to home and reminded me of so many conversations that made me feel like garbage.

This kinda made me get a little teary eyed because it also reminded me of a lot of garbage convos people have had with me.

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This is my fifteen year old sister, Hannah. She has a cyst on her pineal gland, which is in the middle of her brain. (From what I understand, a cyst is like a tumor but filled with liquid.) We’ve known about it for about two years, and it constantly gives her horrific headaches, that can last weeks. Her vision is getting very bad because of it too, and so is her quality of life, she’s started fainting and had a couple seizures recently. Just last week we had a Skype conference with one of the two neurosurgeons, in the world, who would potentially perform the surgery to remove it. (A lot of people have trouble getting this surgery approved, but because Hannah’s is one of the largest cysts in one of the youngest patients, it was approved.) Praise God. The surgery will take place in June, but only if we can pay the $50,000. We really need help raising this money.

This is the link to the fundraising site.

Any amount helps.

Please keep her in your prayers.


Seriously guys, get on this. If my followers alone donated a dollar each it would make a huge difference. Please, you don’t know what this means to me, or Hannah, Natalie and Timmy for that matter.

Even if you can’t donate, reblogging helps too.

it’s really fast and easy to donate. she only has $2,000 and 42 days left… do what you guys can. please.

please reblog or donate if you can

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